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Seventeen Forever.

A Team of Sound: Synesthesia

DJ Glitterboy

A union of the senses.
A chemical synapse.
A musical experience.

Seventeen Forever.

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Stiff Kittens.
Favorite new artist/band? They don't have to be new new, just new to you.
Me, I'm enjoying some Metro Station and Rise Against lately. Oh and let's count Blaqk Audio too.
And I'm always in love with Voxtrot. Just putting that out there.
  • I don't know about new artists or bands, but that new beck song is in my head CONSTANTLY. Like, I can't get it out because it is so catchy.
  • I've pretty much only been listening to BA lately. Hahaha.

    But um...I guess they're not even really new to ME because I've known they existed and all but I've recently become quite obsessed with Dead Kennedys.

    Rise Against is always good <3
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