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A Team of Sound: Synesthesia

DJ Glitterboy

A union of the senses.
A chemical synapse.
A musical experience.


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Stiff Kittens.

What bands have you listened to the most this week? Any particular reason for it?
Me, I've been playing a lot of Bright Eyes, Brand New, Datarock, AFI, and +/- in the past week. I think I've even been focusing more on lyrics than sound lately. Not unusual.

  • I've been listening to the new Used album all week...because it's new and I think I'm in love with it.
    • A-fucking-men. OMG, I wasn't a big Used fan, but I heard the Bird & the Worm and had to check it out... stupid thing hasn't been out of my hands since I bought it. Work, my truck, on my PC, on my parents PC, on my PHONE... yeah. I... am addicted.
    • I've heard it's good. Gotta give it a listen.
  • I've been listning to Linkin Park a lot this week...not even their new album. Meteora has been on full rotation on my iPod.
    AFI, too. I listend to them a gung-ho-ly before, but ever sense the concert? Maybe I listen to them in hopes that they'll juust kind of pop out of my iPod and play a show right then and there.
    • Yeah, I enjoy Meteora. Especially more so now.

      Maybe I listen to them in hopes that they'll juust kind of pop out of my iPod and play a show right then and there. Ha, I definitely feel that.
  • For the last couple of weeks, I've been practically obsessing over an old Adam Sandler album called "What's Your Name?" Not really sure why. Also, The Gothic Archies. Practically in love with them.
    • I think I totally own that. Oh Adam.

      The Gothic Archies? Fucking cool name.
      I'm intrigued.
      • Yea, the name hooked me. But they are awesome. They're music reminds me of The Decemberists. They did all the music for A Series of Unfortunate Events. I've got one of their songs on my myspace.
  • Lots of Feist in the past week or so. I've been in a female vocal mood a lot lately. It's almost all I've been listening to.
    • I woke up to "Mushaboom" today :) I get that, the female vocal mood. Lately.
      • Ha, that was playing when I opened this comment.
        I need more "girl music", it's becoming an obsession.
        • I know what you mean. Do you listen to Regina Spektor? I love her stuff.
          • I do, a lot. I reallly wore her out last fall, to the point I couldn't hardly listen anymore, but I've started playing her stuff again recently.
  • (no subject) - hendrixhaven
    • You are so eclectic ♥. Nice combination.

      I definitely feel the DU rotation. Especially recently. Something about it.

      Radiohead. Yeah, I've been doing that more lately. I don't know where it's all come from.
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